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About the Shoes

            How often should you change

                soft spikes in your golf shoes?



   We often forget the importance of changing your golf grips on a regular basis. The same is true if you wear golf shoes with soft spikes. Runners use a rule of thumb to replace running shoes every 200-500 miles. Most people playing 18-holes will walk anywhere from three to five miles during a round. So if you are lucky to play two rounds of golf a week, you would walk more than 500 miles a year. Due to swinging, twisting, torque, balance and walking on all kinds of turf and pavement, the need to replace your soft spikes increases even more.

Here are some helpful hints for taking care of your golf shoes and more importantly, your feet.
• Keep a minimum of two shoes in your rotation of “favorite” shoes and never wear the same pair back-to-back for consecutive rounds. That means alternate between a minimum of two pairs to keep your feet comfortable plus it adds to the overall life of the shoe.
• Change spikes (if wearing shoes with replaceable spikes) after every 10-15 rounds or when they show signs of wear or cause your feet to slip when swinging or walking.
• Purchase replacement spikes before you need them. With many manufacturers and shoe varieties, there  are multiple types of replacement spikes available and many golf shops have stopped carrying replacement spikes since there isn’t just one uniform replacement spike. Plan ahead!
• If you wear spikeless shoes (sometimes referred to as “nubby” shoes) try to resist the urge to wear them to the course, driving the car, going to the grocery store, etc. While they are marketed to be more versatile, the more you wear them for non-golf activities, the more wear you are putting on the shoes off the course. If you wear spikeless shoes for every round, make sure you have two pair of these shoes in your rotation as well.
An advantage of two pair of shoes allows you to have waterproof shoes if you tend to play early morning when the dew is still on the ground or to have a “nicer” pair of shoes that you can wear to guest day events or for tournaments. Plus, most women golfers I know are experts at having multiple pair of shoes that “match every outfit!” Technology has come to golf shoes as well - designed to keep your feet comfortable and dry - while still looking good

Respecting the Environment



We all love this game. Is there something we do as golfers to have a considerable influence on the environment of the golf course?
Yes! Here are 5 easy steps we can all take:

1. Fix ball marks, rake bunkers, replace divots
2. Follow the directional signage on the golf course, don’t take short cuts
3. Respect and promote environmentally sensitive areas on the golf course property such as wetlands, water buffers, wildlife habitat corridors and gardens.
4. Support low maintenance in the out-of-play areas.
5. Embrace the “firm and fast” style for fairways. This style of conditioning enhances the game and can result in less water and chemical treatments.

And just like we are environmentally conscious in our everyday lives, consider being the same when playing a round of golf. Do you:
                    1. Recycle paper, bottles and cans?
                    2. Carry reusable water/beverage containers?
                    3. Walk the course when possible?    

Everyone can make a difference.

It just takes transferring an idea / concept into action.

We all love this game. 



Executive Women's Golf Association (EWGA)


EWGA is a national not-for-profit organization to provide women with an environment in

which they can advance their recreational and professional interest through golf.

         EWGA members are:

In their prime learning years    

Avid golfers (75% play 25 + rounds per year)

50% are married, 32% are single,18% widowed/divorce

More than 80% are employed full-time

44% earn in excess of $80k;

44% have a HH I> $100k

Over 80% have college degrees

10% own their own business

EWGA - Springfield Chapter currently has over 80 members

EWGA - Springfield host multiple golf related events each month

with opportunities for golfers at all levels.